A sprawling city surrounded by a large stone wall with Castle Willowmaine located at the exact center. Four tall mage towers stand at each corner of the castle wall.

the towers harbor the defenses of willowmaine
the walls become stone golems
the statues become iron golems

The kingdom of Willowmaine was once a swampland ruled by Cecelia The Hag. The hag had taken control of Amarius. King Horus De’Willoh destroyed Cecelia and took the swampland on which he built Willowmaine. Craig(Amarius brother) was forced to kill Amarius to end Cecelia’s control on him.

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Affiliation: Federation of Halin
Region: Halindorre
Size: Metropolis
Population: 250000(City) 87500(outlying)
Demographics: 50% Human, 20% Elf, 10% 1/2 Breeds, 20% other/unknown
Government: Independent
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Leader: King Kathal De’willoh the II
Magistrates: Vivian Lumad, Caspian Oslen and Greggory Jelseph
Imports: Minerals, Workable Metals, Rare Metals, Gems
Exports: Magical weapons, armors and Wondrous items
Taxes: 8% Flat (Purchase, Land, Imports)


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